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13 July 2009

23 June 2009


The days after you all have received the notice of race we did get several questions about:


·    Performance Batten Adjusters in production class:

The race committee did discuss this subject carefully and deliberated all the pros & cons. Biggest contra that had to be defeated was that Blokart Europe doesn't have them in stock right now. That wouldn't make it fair for those who want them, but can't purchase them before the European Championships. We had contact with Blokart NZ who made it possible (thanks for that Matt) that there will be a number of Batten Adjusters sets available for those who what to purchase them. Contact if you would like to order or want more information.                                                                        


Based on above the race committee decided that: Blokart Performance Batten Adjusters will be allowed in both Production AND Performance Class during the European Blokart Open 2009.


·    New 2010 5.5 m2 sails

The first few new 2010 5.5 sails did arrive in Europe (see attached jpg for more information) The EBA did send us their standpoint today:

“It is a general consensus within the EBA that the new sail shouldn’t be allowed because :

-      The sail is not 3 months prior to the event available

-      The sail is not as yet available to the wide public”


Based on above the race committee decided that: The new 5.5 will NOT be allowed in both Production AND Performance class during the European Blokart Open 2009.


·    Extra Block on mastbase

The use of an extra block on the mastbase isn’t described in the IBRA rules.


The race committee decided that: The use of an extra block on the mastbase will NOT be allowed in both Production AND Performance class during the European Blokart Open 2009.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  


Race Committee

European Blokart Open 2009  


(Download Notice of race.pdf)





14-06-2009 First Pre-registration is closed


The first Pre-registration for the Open European Blokart Championships is closed today. So far 68 competitors from all over Europe did register already. We are looking forward to see you all.


For those who didn't registration in time, but would like to enjoy the championship, we will keep the possible to register. But if register now you can't order any T-shirts and/or Sweaters.

Make sure you pay your racing fee (and fee for eveningdinner) directly after registration.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Dansk Blokart Forening




01-03-2009 Official announcement.


The danish blokart club (Dansk blokart Forening, DBF) is proud to host the 2009 Open European Blokart Championship. The championship will be held on the Sønderstrand beach at the danish island of Rømø from friday the 3rd of july to sunday the 5th of july  2009.


Rømø is the most southern of the three danish islands on the westcoast of Jutland. It is connected to the mainland by a dam, so no ferry is needed to come to Rømø. Toll free road! Rømø is famous for its huge beaches, the best in Europe, we call it blokart heaven! The Sønderstrand is the southern part of the beach, and it is preserved for landyachting all year round. The landyachting area covers about 2,5 by 2,5 sq km.


Cars are parked directly on the beach, so there is no problems finding a parking lot, or even paying money to park your car.


Getting there: Just hit the E 45 northbound, and 16 km after you crossed the danish border, leave it on exit 73 Kliplev and follow the roadsigns to Rømø.

By GPS: Denmark, Rømø, Sønderstrandvej. The road ends on the beach.


Accommodation: camping,  others just click here: Rømø


End of registration: 12. june 2009.

Racing fee: 50,- € includes sandwiches on saturday, coffee / tea, cookies and softdrinks

evening dinner saturday / championship party: adults 30,- € / kids 20,- €  all incl.


official T-shirt : 10,-€ sweat-shirt: 20,- € please order and pay in advance.


bank for paying registration fee, dinner-night and t-shrits and sweatshirts:
international:  ibannr: DK9579700001148250
                      Bic code: SYBKDK22

                      Sydbank City = Bredebro
national: Sydbank 7970-0001148250


Friday 3rd of july:     Pressday, sponsors, trainingsessions and registration.


Saturday 4th of july:

8:00 - 9:00 registration

9:30 briefing

10:00 - 12:00 races

12:00 - 13:00 sandwichbreak

13:00 - 15:00 races

15.00 - 15:30 coffeebreak

15:30 - 16:00 freestyle competition

16:00 - 18:00 races

20:00 - ? evening dinner


Sunday 5th of july:

9:00 - 11:00 races

12:00 pricegiving